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About us

Thrivelab has built an experienced medical team of board-certified providers who follow a proven process supported by evidence-based treatment and testing protocols. The result: groundbreaking hormone and testosterone balancing programs and natural products for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that can alleviate age-related symptoms to restore youthful vitality.

Commission Structure

Our commission percentages based on tiers of how much an affiliate is able to sell the consultation bookings to their audiences on a monthly basis. Affiliates will be provided with ad units to include on their sites with tracking links. Each affiliate will have an opportunity to advance to the next tier and commission structure based on their volume. They are receiving commission only on the $45 consultations.

In order to advance to the next tier the affiliate must have 3 consecutive months of achieving their increase in the volume of leads. For example; AffiliateCo provides 11+ new leads per month for 3 months they will be awarded to Tier 2.

Program Tiers

Tier 1 - 25%
1-10 leads converted to consultations.
Tier 2 - 30%
11-20 leads converted to consultations.
Tier 3 - 35%
21-30 leads converted to consultations.
Tier 4 - 40%
30+ leads converted to consultations.