Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Find your path to feeling better with personalized, physician-led hormone replacement therapy.

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Hormone replacement therapy with a difference

More and more men, women and couples are turning to Thrivelab to address their hormonal imbalance symptoms. That’s because our programs are:


25 years of clinical experience and expertise in anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

Safe & Natural

Every bioidentical hormone replacement therapy program is administered and monitored by board-certified providers and nurse practitioners.


Access hormone replacement therapy via a secure, HIPAA-compliant portal and telehealth visits.


Bioidentical hormone prescriptions and therapies are customized to you.

How It Works



> 5 mins

Complete the Self-Assessment.

Book a convenient
telehealth visit.

Pay $45 for your
initial consultation.



~ 45 mins

Discuss your health with a board-certified provider.

Receive a personalized treatment plan with individualized recommendations.




Subscribe to access providers and nurse practitioners as needed each month and purchase prescriptions at wholesale prices.


Home Delivery

Receive monthly home delivery of hormone therapy.*

— Derived from plants.
— Compounded in the U.S.

*Medication costs range from $45 to $85 per month depending on number of medications and dosage.


Test & Optimize

Blood draw/labs* taken after 6 weeks to see how your body is responding to the medications. If needed, we’ll adjust treatment to optimize outcomes.

*Out-of-pocket expense, may be covered by insurance.


Trusted by men who’ve tried it all

Holly Orlander | Age 65

“In my first month of treatment, I was not waking up at night anymore. My energy rebounded. I had found my magic pill. I can’t tell you how happy I feel.”

Book $45 Provider Consultation

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For an initial fee of $45, you can discuss your symptoms via a telehealth call along with your medications and health history based on your completed Thrivelab self-assessment form.

Your board-certified provider will also present a recommended and individualized treatment plan based on your self-assessment to target and alleviate your symptoms.

In some cases, your past health history and certain medical conditions will make Thrivelab treatments less effective or unsuitable. If so, your $45 fee will be fully refunded, no questions asked.

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Common Questions

I had breast cancer, can I still do this program?

Certain women should not undergo hormone replacement therapy of any type until detailed studies on safety have been performed. You are not considered for bioidentical therapy if you have a personal history of breast cancer or stroke, or if you have a blood clot.

Is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy safe?

Yes. There are countless studies that have shown not only the safety of hormone therapy, but also the long-term health benefits. This assumes that treatment is done properly, and monitored on a regular basis. Again, the only way we do things is safely, and correctly.

Will I experience unwanted side effects?

You should always discuss any side effects or unusual changes with your team doctor. Your medical team is available to you any time. Simply contact your medical team leader and set up an appointment to speak to them directly about what's going on?

What does "$45 no-risk consult" mean?

Thrivelab offers a no-risk $45 consult with a board-certified provider to discuss the results of your self-assessment as well as present and discuss a proposed treatment plan based on your symptoms. In some cases, due to current or previous health conditions and medications, the Thrivelab program will not be safe or effective for you. This will be determined by completing the self-assessment. If you have already scheduled and paid for your $45 consult, the fee will be refunded, no questions asked. However, if you have booked the consult, paid, and met with a Thrivelab provider, there is no refund if you decide not to pursue treatment with Thrivelab.

How long until I feel better?

It is not unusual for patients to report feeling improvements in many symptoms within the first week or two. However, our goal is long-term symptom relief and improved quality of life for each patient.  This requires a cautious, evidence-based, and patient centered treatment strategy with a primary focus on patient input. Most patients stabilize within the first couple of months, but our personalized approach enables adjustment any time.

Weight loss.
More vitality.
Renewed sex drive.
And so much more.

Weight gain. Low energy and hot flashes. Brain fog. We get it. You don’t feel your best and it's probably your hormones. That's why we created Thrivelab.

It’s natural, convenient hormone replacement therapy to get you looking, living and feeling your best.