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Interested in becoming an ambassador with us? Thrivelab wants you to apply to our influencer program, an opportunity for you to get the discounted online hormone therapy you need by sharing Thrivelab with your friends, followers and community.


Educate on the importance of hormone health.


Empower people to get curious about their hormone health.


Provide the most affordable and accessible hormone care in the nation.


Help you live, look and feel your best!
FREE Consultation with Board-Certified Provider ($45 Value.)
10% Discounted BHRT or BTRT Therapy ($79/mo Value.)
How it works
Share a custom discount code of 30% off the $45 initial consultation with your community.
Meet the minimum requirement of 3 consultation sign ups per month using your code.
We invite you to fill out the application below and we will be in touch soon if you have been approved!
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