Your Thrivelab Smart Pen

This convenient Smart Pen is a medical application device, allowing you to dispense exact dosage of your medication. Here you will find assemeby and dispensing instructions.



When you receive your Smart Pen device, the colored base will be detached from the clear casing. You will need to assemble the device prior to use.


There are two parts that must align: #1 on the colored base has to line up with #2 on the clear casing.

Dispensing Instructions

Read these instructions carefully before dispensing cream from the Smart Pen.

Wash your hands before and after application.


Remove the cap of the Smart Pen - while holding the clear casing.


Unlock the pump by twisting the colored base counter-clockwise, until you hear a click.


Priming: Prime the device by pumping 1-2 times to bring the medication to the tip of applicator. Discard the cream. (This amount is accounted for; you will not be losing a dose).


Application: Position the nozzle on your finger, palm or site of application as instructed by your nurse practitioner. Push the plunger all the way (this equates to one click). Rub into skin and repeat clicks as per your prescription. Each click dispenses 0.15ml of medication cream.


Cleaning: If the silicon nozzle gets clogged, twist and pull off nozzle. Rinse only the nozzle with warm water (DO NOT RINSE THE PEN).


Lock the Smart Pen by twisting the base clockwise until you hear a click. Replace the cap.
 Reorder when the base of the inner plunger reaches the refill line on the clear casing.