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We’ve created a unique process that’s revolutionizing patient care and hormone health

Had it with doctors that don’t listen? Tired of debilitating symptoms being passed off as “part of aging”? Worse still, could you have been misdiagnosed and prescribed medications that are actually making things worse? We hear these stories from patients every day.

From impersonal to optimal

Say goodbye to talking to random, next available providers. At Thrivelab, we’ll team you with one supportive, understanding board-certified provider and nurse practitioner that you can access on-demand via telehealth. It’s a return to relationship-based medicine where your provider really gets to know you and your symptoms. That’s why typical Thrivelab consults take 45 minutes, 300% longer than a typical PCP visit.

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Proven process. Proven outcomes.

Thrivelab’s five-step process has been refined to make hormone health treatment personal, easy-to-access and efficient. Based on past results, Thrivelab has been proven to resolve 80% of patients’ hormone imbalance symptoms within 90 days.



Take The Self-Assessment

Built on years of clinical research, the self-assessment captures all patient symptomatology, including frequency and severity, as well as vital information for diagnostics and exclusions. This drives the preparation of your initial hormone health plan.


45-Minute Initial Provider Consult

Plan Review & Approval

During your telehealth consult, your provider will get to know you, your symptoms and together, you’ll evaluate your plan and make any necessary adjustments, especially if new information is provided at the consult.


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Subscribe to Thrive Optum™

Upon approval of your personal hormone health plan, your subscription to ThriveOptum will be activated for $79/month. ThriveOptum includes all the services you’ll need to regain your hormone health. Labs and prescriptions are billed separately.


Prescription Shipment*

Free Shipping within 24 Hours

As soon as your subscription payment is processed, any recommended prescriptions will be billed and shipped free within 24-hours for two-day delivery**. Unlike buying on the Internet, you can trust that Thrivelab medications are natural, safe and compounded in the U.S.


Testing and Optimization

Week One

Complete a telehealth visit with your provider to review medications and how to apply them.


Receive a one-minute self-assessment. If symptoms are unchanged, increase or new, a telehealth appointment with your provider is scheduled.

Week Six

Get a blood draw to check your progress and adjust your plan if necessary.


Get a blood draw to check your progress.

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Goodbye reactive.
Hello proactive.

Taking a monthly self-assessment to track symptoms is critical because it triggers actions which optimize your plan and ultimately how you feel. And if for any reason you don’t complete your assessment, we will contact you. The days of set it and forget it reactive treatments are over.

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Personalized therapy in 7 days. Really.

From the time you take your self-assessment, you could be receiving and taking your medications in as little as 7 days. Compare that to an industry average of 24 days and months using a brick and mortar provider. But if Thrivelab can create your hormone health plan in as little as three days, it’s got to be cookie-cutter, right? Wrong.

Thrivelab’s rules-based, precision medicine approach is being continually refined based on results, patient feedback and new research. Plus, the use of machine learning is eliminating variability to ensure your treatment and outcomes are optimized. And that’s because your plan is based on you, no one else. No two plans are ever the same because symptoms, severity, frequency, medications and dosing are all different. Most importantly, no plan is ever developed and presented without having been reviewed by one of our senior clinicians.

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