Here’s how to join your telehealth meeting

Step 01

Find a quiet location and stable wifi where you can speak comfortably for your consultation. Make sure there are minimal distractions and do not take this video visit while driving for safety reasons. Please note that this is a video visit and your video must be turned on.

Step 02

5 minutes before your consultation time, click on the Zoho meeting link sent over email or SMS. Open the link in any browser. 
Desktop is preferred, but if you must join from your mobile device or tablet, install the Zoho Meeting app here: 
Download and install the 
Zoho Meeting app on the device you intend to use.
On this device, click the meeting link sent to you by email and SMS.
Attend your telehealth in the Zoho Meeting app.

Step 03

Make sure your video is turned on and audio is functioning properly and expect to be in your consultation for 45-60 minutes.