Mindful Moments
Easy guided meditations for a balanced body and mind
Meditation can be intimidating, so we’ve made it simple and easy
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Why meditate?
Stress Reduction
Stress Reduction: Meditation helps to calm the mind and body. By focusing on the breath or a specific thought, meditation allows you to disconnect from daily stressors and find a sense of peace.
Improved Concentration
Regular meditation practice can enhance your ability to focus by training the mind to be present in the moment, improving attention span and cognitive function.
Emotional Regulation
Meditation can lead to greater emotional stability and resilience. It allows you to observe thoughts and feelings without judgment, which can help manage emotions more effectively.
Beginner's Meditation Guide
This 5-minute introduction to meditation will help set the stage for your meditation practice and help you release any emotion that may arise, for beginner to advanced practitioners.
Guide: Rosalia Dawn
Duration: 5 Minutes
Stress Relief Meditation
We know that life presents challenges daily. We’ve also heard the words “meditation helps” or “it makes me calm,” but what does that really mean? In this meditation, you’ll explore a simple breathing technique that will help ground and focus the mind, then enter into a deep state of relaxation and reflection. With gratitude at the forefront of this meditation, you’ll walk away feeling a little lighter and a little more at ease. Not just because we say so.
Guide: Rosalia Dawn
Duration: 15 Minutes
Box Breathing Meditation
Pranayama, which means “life force” or “energy control” in Sanskrit. Box Breathing, Sama Vritti in Sanskrit, is a technique known for releasing stress or anxiety. One of Rosalia’s signature breathing techniques, she uses Box Breathing to support grounding at the start of the yoga class or to start the day. Box Breathing encourages slow and deep breathing, which activates the Parasympathetic nervous system and tells our body that it’s safe to relax. 
Guide: Rosalia Dawn
Duration: 15 Minutes
Walking Meditation
In Buddhist tradition, walking meditation is typically integrated with long periods of sitting meditation. This walking meditation is created with the intention to meet the average person on their walk. Maybe a morning or sunset walk, feel free to explore this space whenever an intentional walk is available for you. You’ll feel the sensations of the earth beneath your feet, witness the colors that surround you, hear the sounds of life and energy all around you, and smell the environment around you. Take a walk with us anytime you need a moment of space, just for yourself.
Guide: Rosalia Dawn
Duration: 15 Minutes