Injection Instructions
How to Give Yourself a Subcutaneous Injection
Step 01
Gather Your Necessary Materials
  • Your medication.
  • Your needles and syringes if needed.
  • Alcohol and cotton ball.
  • Means of needle disposal.
Step 02
Preparation of Device
  • Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Clean the top of the vial with alcohol.
  • If using a pen type needle, screw on the pen needle to the device.
  • If using a syringe, attach the needle to the syringe (if not already connected) and remove the cap.
Step 03
Preparation of Medication & Dosage
  • Pull back on the syringe to pull in air up to the prescribed dosage. If using a pen type needle, preset your prescribed dosage.
  • Push the needle through the center of the bullseye in the vial and inject the air.
  • Tilt up the vial so upside down and check that the needle is below the fluid level in the vial; pull back on the syringe to withdraw the medication from the vial.
  • If there are a few air bubbles in the syringe, gently tap the side of the syringe to move the air bubbles to the top and push the air back into the vial and withdraw again to the appropriate dosage.
*For testosterone injections:
  • Use the 18 gauge pink needle to draw up your medication.
  • Once the medication has been drawn up, unscrew the pink needle and screw on the smaller 25 gauge blue needle to the syringe for the injection.
Step 04
Inject your Medication
  • Clean the area of the application site (abdomen, upper arm, or upper outer buttock) with alcohol and let dry for a few seconds. Avoid areas that are bruised or irritated. Rotate your injection sites.
  • Pinch up a small area of skin (unless you are injecting into your upper outer buttock area where pinching is not necessary.)
  • Insert the needle at a 90 degree angle into your skin.
  • Pull back on the end of the syringe and observe for blood entering the syringe. *If blood is seen, do not inject. Pull the needle out and reinject in another area.
  • If no blood then slowly inject your medication over a few seconds. When the end of the plunger on the syringe reaches the needle and you can no longer push down, un-pinch the skin and quickly pull the needle out of the skin.
  • *If using a pen needle, push the plunger on the end of the pen, count to 5 and quickly remove the needle.
  • Using a small piece or cotton or your alcohol wipe, put pressure over the injection area for 5-10 seconds. Cover with a band aid if there is persistent bleeding.
Step 05
Disposal of Needles
  • There are needle disposal containers available at any local pharmacy for purchase.
  • Dispose of your needles safely in these containers. Do not put these hazardous materials in the trash.