Loyalty Program

Earn points. Save on healthcare.
We believe that dedicated patients should be rewarded for making the conscious choice to improve their health with Thrivelab. To show our gratitude and to encourage your progress, we’ve created a loyalty program to offset the cost of care. The program allows you to earn points for consistency, for referrals and involvement in the community. 
ways to earn points
Complete the Self-Assessment
250 Points ($2.50)
Complete your Intake Form
250 Points ($2.50)
Complete your Recurring Self-Assessment
450 Points ($4.50)
Submit a before and after photo or patient testimonial video
7900 Points ($79.00)
Testimonial Submission Form
ThriveTogether Referrals
1000 Points ($10.00)
When a referral takes the self-assessment.
2,500 Points ($25.00)
When a referral books their first appointment.
165,000 Points ($165.00)
When a referral approves their plan.
200,000 Points ($10.00)
Total points accumulated from the above three steps when referrals become a Thrivelab patient.