Life Coaching with a Licensed Therapist

6 sessions covered by insurance
Only $45 copay per session
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Available for patients in the state of Texas
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Improve habits, regulate emotions, manage stress, and navigate life’s speed bumps.
Life coaching sessions are recommended to help patients achieve holistic mind-body wellbeing. While hormone balance is essential to living a fulfilled life and reaching homeostasis, mental health is just as important. Each therapy session includes personalized assignments to facilitate growth and progress. 6 sessions included with most insurance plans.
Develop coping skills
Resolve negative habits
Regulate emotions
Manage stress
Navigate life’s challenges
Improve outlook on life
Develop strong relationships
Encourage self-love
Build confidence
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Trent Nguyen, PhD
Trent Nguyen, PhD has 24 years of counseling and teaching experience. Trent specializes in empowering clients and students to conquer negative habits and achieve success.

Trent employs the DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) approach to address past traumas, enhance distress tolerance, optimize belief symptoms, and more. His therapy sessions include personalized assignments to facilitate growth and progress.
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