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Step 1

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Take our 5-minute self assessment to see if hormonal replacement makes sense.

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For a $45 co-pay, you’ll review your assessment with our medical team for 45 minutes.

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Once your plan approved, you’ll receive a free month of ThriveOptum.

Common Questions

What does the free month cover?

The free month covers your ThriveOptum health plan for the first 30 days, from the time you approve your plan. This includes all doctor’s appointments, on-demand care, plan optimization, RX management and free shipping to your door ($79 value). It does not cover the initial $45 co-pay or medication.

Who is this for?

If you’ve been dealing with symptoms of weight gain, fatigue, low energy, mood swings or simply not feeling like yourself, it’s likely a sign of hormonal imbalances. Today, over 84 million people are affected with only 12% receiving treatment. We’re here to change that.

What does the $45 co-pay cover?

Unlike the traditional medical system, Thrivelab believes in taking the time to understand your unique needs. Our $45 co-pay covers an in-depth review of your assessment, current symptoms and allows you to spend 300% more time with a provider. Many patients tell us this is the first time they truly felt listened too. If for any reason we are unable to help you your $45 will be refunded. 

What is the process?

The first step is completing the free self assessment. This determines if you are a good candidate for treatment and collects important symptom, medical history and goals for your provider to prepare your initial plan. The second step is your initial consult which is a deep dive into understand you to personalize your plan. Once your plan is approved your bioidentical Rx will be shipped to your door and your medical team will work with you monthly to optimize your levels and hit your goals.

How much does medication cost?

Medication costs are determined by the pharmacy and range between $25-$59 per medication. Depending on your plan you may have 1-5 medications which are determined by your diagnosis, your goals and your budget. 

How It Works



> 5 mins

Complete the Self-Assessment.

Book a convenient
telehealth visit.

Pay $45 for your
initial consultation.



~ 45 mins

Discuss your health with a board-certified provider.

Receive a personalized treatment plan with individualized recommendations.




Subscribe to access providers and nurse practitioners as needed each month and purchase prescriptions at wholesale prices.


Home Delivery

Receive monthly home delivery of hormone therapy.*

— Derived from plants.
— Compounded in the U.S.

*Average medication cost $200/mo.


Test & Optimize

Blood draw/labs* taken after 6 weeks to see how your body is responding to the medications. If needed, we’ll adjust treatment to optimize outcomes.

*Out-of-pocket expense, may be covered by insurance.