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For Hormone Therapy Clinical Costs
Accepted by most major health insurances
Telehealth appointments covered
Lab work & clinical visits reimbursed
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Save up to 100% on clinical costs
With Thrively, telehealth visits and lab work are covered by your health insurance.*
What's Included?
On-demand Provider
Average wait time for a provider is 2 days, compare that to the national average of 26 days (source).
Proactive Care
We stay on track and support you every step of the way by tracking symptoms and compressing time to treatment.
1 to 1 Patient Care
You are assigned a dedicated Patient Care Coordinator with an average response time of 2:19 minutes, during business hours.
Rx Management
We manage your refills and plan modifications automatically and ship your prescription right to your door, saving you the hassle.
Money Back Guarantee
If your severe symptoms are not relieved within 6 months, get a full refund of Thrively fees. That is how confident we are in our providers, team and platform.
Loyalty Program
Various actions allow you to earn points towards free healthcare. This is all displayed in the patient portal.
What is Thrively?

Thrively is our insurance program covering clinical costs: proactive symptom tracking, plan optimization, patient care and lab work. The cost of Thrively is $99 per quarter ($33 monthly) Insurance does not cover compound medications. Your insurance provider may require a copay, coinsurance or deductible. If you have coinsurance you will be charged $45 and once a final determination of benefits is received you will receive a statement. If there is a difference you will be notified and either credited or charged the difference. Our team will complete verification of benefits promptly after receiving your insurance information.

Reimbursement + Copays

You were charged $45 for your Initial Telehealth Consultation. Once we complete a verification of benefits, if your copay is lower than $45, we will credit the difference on your next invoice. If the copay is higher, you will be notified of the difference and billed accordingly on your next invoice.

What if I'm not covered?

If you have an HMO plan without a referral, or do not have access to health insurance, then you will be covered by Thrively at $99 paid quarterly + $45 per telehealth visit with your provider.

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Common Questions

How do I know if my insurance plan covers Thrivelab?

Thrively is accepted by most major insurance programs, but there are thousands of insurance plans and each state has its own contracting process. If your plan is not currently in contract, but your plan has sufficient coverage then you will be covered under the Thrively plan with just a $45 co-pay until we complete the contract with your plan.

How does verification of benefits work?

Our team will complete your insurance verification after receiving your insurance. A $45 charge for your Initial Telehealth Consultation will be charged as the anticipated co-pay deposit, however if your co-pay is lower, you will be credited the difference on your next invoice. If your co-pay is higher, you will be notified of the difference and charged accordingly. If you have an HMO or a plan that won't cover clinical, only pay $45 per visit with your provider as needed instead of the monthly subscription fee.

Will my insurance cover prescriptions?

Most insurance companies will not cover bioidentical hormones from compounding pharmacies or over-the-counter medications due to certain restrictions. The compounded prescriptions at Thrivelab are customized for each patient and therefore can't be approved or viewed as a single entity.

How do I submit my insurance information?

For existing patients, you can submit your insurance information via the Patient Portal and we will reach out to set up your Thrively plan. For new patients, your provider will discuss Thrively as an available option on your Initial Telehealth Consultation. 

*There may be a copay and deductible depending on your individual insurance benefits. If insurance doesn’t cover, only pay $45 per visit with your provider. Insurance reimbursement applies to clinical costs. It does not apply to the cost of medications.