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Transformative mental and physical results — Guaranteed in 90 days or less
When it comes to results that are long-lasting, for many people it takes measures beyond the gym - no matter how dedicated you are to working out. Hormone imbalances can cause symptoms like stubborn weight, fatigue, low energy and more. These symptoms can be discouraging when you’re dedicated to fitness and working hard.

Thrivelab develops root cause - focused hormone health programs that have helped over 250K men and women reach their goals in 90 days:
Weight Management
Better Sleep
Youthful Skin
Leaner Muscle Mass
Balanced Mood
More Energy
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Report improved symptoms in 90 days or less


Longer appointment time than traditional hormone clinics


Reduction in total cost of treatment plan from insurance benefits.

It’s possible to get the life changing results you desire, for your performance and for life
If you’re ready to take a hold of your health and longevity, try Thrivelab for 90 days and get 1 month of free healthcare and 1 month of free rides at your local Fort Lauderdale CycleBar studio.
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Free Self-Assessment
Before booking your consultation, take 5 minutes to tell us about your symptoms
This clinical assessment captures vital information to help your provider form a diagnosis
Book Telehealth Consultation
Book a 45 minute, $45 consult to get your questions answered by a board-certified provider
Discuss our BHRT and TRT treatment options for you
Money-back if we can’t help you
Build Treatment Plan
Build a personalized treatment plan that suits your hormone needs
We will complete a verification of health insurance benefits for Thrively
Lab work will be ordered as needed
Rx Delivered to Your Door
No more long lines at the pharmacy with prescription delivery
Discreet packaging and delivery in 7-10 days
Prescriptions are always compounded in the United States

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Now accepting insurance for hormone therapy clinical costs

Bioidentical hormones shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. With the Thrively insurance reimbursement program, get coverage for the cost of treatment and clinical visits.
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